working to improve the climate of inclusivity in Life Sciences.

Tracy Johnson

Dean of Life Sciences

Headshot of Tracy Johnson

Equity and Inclusion are necessary foundations for science and science education to be at their best. Life Sciences has focused its attention on creating a more inclusive educational experience for our amazing undergraduates…

Anna Lau

Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence

I see this role, of Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence, as an opportunity to help Dean Johnson execute her vision to foster a climate of belonging and support that allows everyone to maximize their potential in the Life Sciences.

Paul Barber

Equity Advisor

Headshot of Paul Barber

The Equity Advisor works with Life Sciences departments and the Dean to promote DEI goals in the faculty search process, and to help advance initiatives within Life Sciences that are more broadly focused on DEI.

Rachel Kennison

Executive Director of CEILS

Headshot of Rachel Kennison

The CEILS (Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences) Director promotes, advocates for, and leads initiatives that transform the culture of STEM teaching to be equitable and inclusive.